Individually designed, beautifully made

Individually designed, beautifully made


We design and create beautiful furniture, hand crafted using the best wood to meet your exact specification. We are often asked to make furnture that is truly unique, our pieces are often used as a focal point of any room. From bedroom wardrobes to pieces for your lounge you can really make a difference to your living areas with a piece of furniture that is unique to you.   

Kitchens & Dining Rooms 

Here at Adrian Bodie cabinet makers we look to provide all of our customers with something truly unique. This is why we ensure all our cabinets are bespoke and designed to fit your needs, especially when it comes to kitchens. Everyone’s kitchen is different and you only have a certain amount of space to work with, we try to design to be space aware making the most of the space you have without sacrificing on storage options or design. When getting bespoke cabinets you can choose which wood we use to ensure you are getting the new cabinets you want, expertly crafted and finished by us.

Bedrooms, Dressing Rooms & Bathrooms

Our services also extend to bedrooms and bathrooms we can custom build you cabinets, wardrobes and anything else you are looking for to match your new room. We can work with you during the consulation process to ensure you are compltely happy with what you want and how it will fit in your room. This way we can ensure you are getting the perfect item.

We can ultilise natural wood and marble to create you a stunning dressing room that is second to none. Your new contemporary dressing room can be designed to your exact specification and built to include everything you need such as closets, mirrors, islands and shelving. 

Lounges & Libaries

We can design and create beautiful pieces for any lounge and library, whether you are looking for a feature wall giving you creative storage space or a large book case we can create and fit exactly what you are looking for.    

Studies, Offices & Commercial Work

When it comes to office design natural wood is becoming the go to option more and more just like it is in the home. Some of the largest up and coming tech companies are now looking at large wood tables for their staff to hot desk rather than the old fashioned desk system. As well as these wood tables feeling great to work on and giving your staff much more space they also offer a more free work environment and look so much more friendly and open.

If you are looking to update your offices we offer 1-on-1 consultations to custom design what you need to your exact specification. We know office all spaces are different so you will need something truly unique to really make the most out of your space. 

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